Program Not Running (SOLVED)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jnewell on Mon Aug 26 11:23:07 MST 2013
Hello everyone,

I've got a problem that I'm completely stumped about.

My setup is a custom LPC1768 board.

I've got the ISP pulled high with a 10k resistor, with a switch in line to ground it for using FlashMagic.

FlashMagic flashes and reads back what was flashed without any problems, but when I go to reset, nothing happens on the board (program wise).
Also, through the UART I'm able to send commands to the ISP command line without any problems.

Now, on the other hand, using LPCXpresso, it will say that it programmed the chip just fine and states that its running, but isn't. When I stop it it gives addresses that are located in the bootROM. (This shouldn't be the case considering my ISP is pulled high).

The code uploads and runs perfectly on my evaluation board (RDB1768).

Any idea on what could be the problem? Is there any possibility that in one of the times I was flashing the chip, the bootROM got corrupted or something?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.