lpcxpresso loading lwip_tcpecho_freertos fail in 177x target board.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sisihi on Mon Jul 06 07:11:46 MST 2015
My IDE is : LPCXpresso v7.7.2 [Build 379] [2015-03-31]

Then I want to run two simple sample codes on my 1778 target board from the:


First of all, I import the projects:

The 1st sample: freertos_blinky
make the target gpio in right pull-up/pull-down state,and in/output state,1st works well.

The 2nd sample: lwip_tcpecho_freertos
Click "debug", LPC Link + target board with 1778 fail to download the program,say: 15 Target error from Commit Flash write

well well well,let me restart the 1778....

Then I tried to load the 1st sample code,1st works again.

well well well, let me load the 2nd sample, 2nd fails again.

well well well, let me try the 3rd one: periph_can,works..

OK,anyone have any ideas about how to run the "lwip_tcpecho_freertos"project from the "lpcopen_2_10_lpcxpresso_ea_devkit_1788" on 177x target board?? (not devkit from ea)

Thanks anyway.