Help with LPC1769 ADC

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Hi all,

I am currently trying to read audio signals to the ADC of lpc1769 however am still to coding this , could anyone enlighten me ? Totally do not understand all the downloaded examples =/

void ADCInit( uint32_t ADC_Clk )
  /* Enable CLOCK into ADC controller */
  LPC_SC->PCONP |= (1 << 12);
  LPC_PINCON->PINSEL1 |= (1<<14); //P0.23 is connected to AD0.0
  LPC_PINCON->PINMODE1 |= (1<<15); //No pullups/downs

  /* By default, the PCLKSELx value is zero, thus, the PCLK for
  all the peripherals is 1/4 of the SystemFrequency. */
  /* Bit 24~25 is for ADC */

  LPC_ADC->ADCR = (1<<21)|(0<<8); //Turn on ADC


This is how I initialized it ,after which I tried to use the read function but tough luck , could any kind soul enlighten me how to

1. Initialize an ADC port
2. Read the ADC port
3. Use the data read and place it into an 8bit value for eg.
4. Probably print out so I can see whats in the digitized value

Thanks and god bless to the kind souls that can enlighten me !