HOTMCU LPC1788 Dev board with 4.3 inch LCD

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by amlwwalker on Thu Sep 05 12:43:37 MST 2013
Hi everyone.
I have been playing with the emWin example, trying to get it working on my board. Today someone gave me a hotmcu dev board to play with and see if I could get that to work, as I wasnt having much luck with mine.
I have the emWin522BSP imported to LPCXpresso and I flashed the board. I get something on the screen:
I get what looks very faintly like a UI for something, however its very very grainy and fades to black after about 2 seconds. At least it tells me something is working!

Can anyone help me work out why it fades, and is grainy? Its great news that something happens though! I havent seen anything since I got my original board.