SSP slave select issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Rahul mankumbare on Fri Feb 19 04:17:33 MST 2016

I am using LPC1768 SSP in SPI mode & using it in Master mode.

My slave device is Current sensor.

I am using SSP1.

When I configure P0.6 as SSEL pin in SSP1, I am able to communicate with current sensor & read current data.

When I configure P0.6 as a GPIO & make it LOW Current sensor does not respond.

I am not getting what happens when I make P0.6 as SSEL in SSP1.

I want to use 4 current sensors. So there are 3 more SSEL pins are used which are GPIO.
Now How should I communicate with all sensors using GPIO as slave select.

In my project SPI is busy in communication with other MCU's. So I have to use SSP only.

Please suggest something.