RDB1768_CMSIS2_USB Bootloader

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Andre Schoeman on Thu Dec 05 00:23:11 MST 2013

I'm using the CMSIS2_USB boot loader on an LPC1768.
It seemed to be working, USB download works, code runs, but recently we identified the following behaviour.

I parse messages from a Bluetooth module using the strcmp function.
For example

if(strcmp(t[0],"MYID" == 0)
    ...we found the string do something...

I repeat this many times for different instructions and it works when the build configuration is DEBUG.
When the build is for RELEASE_BIN, this creates the binary file for USB transfer some, not all, of these lines no longer work. (this file is loaded via USB and then tested.)

I have checked that the RELEASE_BIN uses alternate linker script files to move the program higher up in memory.

It's as though some string constant are omitted from the build.
I have seen the same thing with an array of constants which were not applied in a set of calculations.

I have inspected the binary file and the ("MYID") strings are in the file.
I have done a memory dump from the LPC1768 and the strings appear to be on the chip.

The general code seems to work, drive motors, maintain a Bluetooth and other serial connections.

It seems odd that only some strings and constant arrays are impacted.

Anybody have any suggestions?