ueZGUI-1788-70WVM I2C

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hi ,

  i am using ueZGUI-1788-70wvm. For this kit i have dowloaded example source folder which is uEZ_v2.06c_SourceForge. Is that all examples are according to this ueZGUI-1788-70wvm kit only? or for its family?? Because in that I2C example code i fount I2C _PCA9532, actually PCA9532 IC is not there in ueZGUI-1788-70wvm-BA board schematics. i really confusing by seeing uEZ_2.06c_SourceForge source code. can anyboday help me to how to understad this example source code?? mainly i want to configure this LCD and develop my application related screens... One more doubt is in schematics J4,J5 connectors are connected to Display or only J4 is connected to Expansion board??

thanks in advance..

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