Can LPCOpen be made accessable via git?

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Hi all,

I work on a project where we need a TCP/IP stack for a LPC1778-based system. We hope we can deploy LPCOpen, as it comes with FreeRTOS, lwIP and the ethernet controller port. As a first step I try to make the lwip_tcpecho_freertos example work.

At first lack of ordinary makefiles, as required for our CodeSourcery (Lite Edition) toolchain, made it quite an adventure. Next problem were the hard faults, stack overruns and failures with FreeRTOS memory allocation (malloc() based heap3.c). Since I use heap1.c it runs stable. It does not yet echo incoming TCP workload, but right now I'm optimistic that I can it make run as intended.

What concerns me, however, is whether the LPCOpen Platform will at some point become accessible via <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_%28software%29">git</a>.

When I started, the latest version was LPCOpen V1.02. Now the latest version is 1.03. And v1.04 will soon be available ...

It would be much easier to stay up to date with the latest version, if LPCOpen was available via git.

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