U-boot problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by nohabviktor on Wed Sep 17 00:22:26 MST 2014

I have an LPC1788 board with 128Mbyte NAND flash, 32Mbyte SDRAM and other peripherals.
I followed the instructions on http://www.lpcware.com/content/project/lpc177x8x-u-boot-port/u-boot-build-procedure
but the result the usart is unreadable when the u-boot is relocated the RAM.
I download the nxp compiled u-boot-lpc.hex and the result is same:

U-Boot 2011.06 (Aug 16 2011 - 16:47:50)                                        
NXP LPC1788 Cortex-M3                                                          
DRAM:  32 MiB                                                                  
Flash: e1zƒ K!A                                                                
NAND:  y2x#Mi                                                                  
#foeid !f pide 65472+ vedsigz 0@&1                                             
#fojd !f pide 65408+ vedsigz 0@&1                                              
pro!whoe "sadiyg fd "hocK!tae                                                 
naf_rued_Zbt:8@adnaf_rued_Zbt:8@ad``lokk ad40x000000120000ztae                
naf_rued_Zbt:8@ad``lokk ad40x000000140x00ztae                                 
naf_rued_Zbt:8@adnaf_rued_Zbt:8@ad``lokk ad40x000000180000                     
naf_rued_Zbt:8@ad``lokk ad40x0000001a0000ztae                                 
naf_rued_Zbt:8@adnaf_rued_Zbt:8@ad``lokk ad40x0000001e0000ztae                
sd rom(kffpt 40000 fa9xed***0Wa                                                
{viznm-|tdenv() failedL!usYxg `fa}{t                                           
In:    serial                                                                  
Out:   serial                                                                  
Err:   serial                                                                  

I wrote a memtest before relocate and the memories works fine.
I have no idea whats the problem.