lpcopen library for lpc1764

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jlzizmor on Sat Jan 02 14:28:26 MST 2016
I'm using an LPC1764. I was looking on the lpcopen page (lpcopen) and first downloaded the 1.03 version as the latest version is listed specifically for the lpc1769.
After working with 1.03, I noticed that in one of the usart helper files (usart_001.c) marked errors for setting the baud rate (FIXME - this function doesn't work correctly and is too big).
I downloaded the latest version marked for the 1769 and found a much simpler library. I believe that the 1764 should be similar enough to the 1769 that I can use the same library, correct? Additionally, are there any changes I'll have to make to account for the different flash size?