LPC1769(LPCXpresso) SPI problem

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I'm trying to execute SPI mode with LPCOpen example(periph_spi).

I succeed in concurrent example(no revise the example code)

but, when I tried to SPI connect with other device(arduino uno), it isn't work well(same code).

When I disconnect SSP pin(J5 - J8) and connect with Arduino board, MISO port(SPI) transmit only 0xFF

So, I try debuging, As a result, pSPI->DR = SPI_DR_DATA(data) (in the function Chip_SPI_SendFrame  spi_17xx_40xx.h)

not work well.

In the function Chip_SPI_SendFrame(LPC_SPI_T *pSPI, uint16_t data), 'data' variable have correct


But, pSPI->DR = SPI_DR_DATA(data) result, pSPI->DR variable have 0xFF.

When SPI pin connect with SSP pin concurrently, pSPI->DR = SPI_DR_DATA(data) work well.

But, if I disconnect SPI pin with SSP pin, pSPI->DR variable have only 0xFF regardless of value SPI_DR_DATA(data).

What's the wrong?

Thank you.