Reinvoke ISP LPC1788

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Arkadyosh on Tue May 22 23:20:33 MST 2012
I have problem with reinvoke isp command. At start i want imperf when I go into ISP mode by hold P2[10] at low level after reset everything work allright. I create project(~3kB) just to test reinvoke isp with uart. Fisrt, when I use function which call reinvoke isp at the begining of main function uC start ISP handler and I can use flash magic, but there are some limitations... I can use all commands but when I want to program uC with hex file which size is about 170kB flash magic stop after send few bytes and get info: "Operation Failed. (programming - failed to send data to device)". Below function which call reinvoke ISP:

#define IAP_LOCATION (0x1FFF1FF1)

unsigned int iap_command[5];
unsigned int iap_output[5];

typedef void (*IAP)(unsigned int [],unsigned int[]);
IAP iap_entry = (IAP)IAP_LOCATION;

void reinvoke_isp(void)
   iap_command[0] = 57;
   iap_entry=(IAP) IAP_LOCATION;

   iap_entry(iap_command, iap_output);

Second, I try to call ISP after send some special data by uart, but then uC dont go into isp mode. I dont know exacly "where" uC after this command is, becasue dont respond for flash magic commands, but it respond with some strange data when I send something by uart.
I use:
LPC1788, Red Suite 4(NXP Edition), CRP Disabled.
I have stack offset set at topRam - 32.