Unable to Update register using bitfield structure

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mathseng on Thu Sep 18 23:31:13 MST 2014
Can anyone advise me why I do not seem to be able to update registers using bitfield structs.

Specifically, when updating the PCLKSEL1 register, when using a bitfield struct, writing to one bitfield results in other fields being incorrectly updated. My example is updating PCLK_TIMER2, which is 2 bits at 13:12.

I have attached a source file which can be used to demonstrate the issue.
Below are snippets


//Using the format to update TIMER2 with <anyPCLK value, eg PCLK1 ( divide by 1 clock)>, and then extract the PCLK value ALWAYS works
LPC_SC->PCLKSEL1 &= ~((0b11 << 12) | ((0b11 << 8) | (0b11 << 24))); // desired bitfield at 13:12 and reserved bitfields at 9:8, 25:24.
LPC_SC->PCLKSEL1 &= ~(0b11 << 12); // desired bitfield at 13:12, ignoring reserved bitfields at 9:8, 25:24.
LPC_SC->PCLKSEL1 |= (PCLK1 << 12);
PCLK_type pclk = ((LPC_SC->PCLKSEL1) & (0b11 << 12)) >> 12;

//Using a bitfield struct to read the register always works, but updating the register results in other fields being corrupted.
volatile PCLKSEL1_Type * pClkSel = (PCLKSEL1_Type*)&(LPC_SC->PCLKSEL1);
pClkSel->PCLK_TIMER2 = PCLK1;// FAILS with other register field values being corrupted
PCLK_type pValu = pClkSel->PCLK_TIMER2;// Always works

//Using the same bitfield struct to operate on a memory variable ALWAYS works correctly:
volatile uint32_t memVar = 0;
volatile PCLKSEL1_Type * pMemVar = (PCLKSEL1_Type*)&memVar ;
pMemVar ->PCLK_TIMER2 = PCLK1;// Always works
PCLK_type memClk = pMemVar ->PCLK_TIMER2;// Always works

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