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   Chip_I2C_SetMasterEventHandler(id, Chip_I2C_EventHandler); from i2c.c file, how to get value 0xD21 from Chip_I2C_EventHandler.

   who will invoke the value of Chip_I2C_EventHandler

      this function Chip_I2C_SetMasterEventHandler(id, Chip_I2C_EventHandler); call from i2c.c.
       In driver : i2c_17xx_40xx.c
        int Chip_I2C_SetMasterEventHandler(I2C_ID_T id, I2C_EVENTHANDLER_T event)
          DEBUGOUT(" I2C_EVENT id : %x , event :%x \r\n", id, event);
         it shows I2C_EVENT id : 1 , event :d21

    my question how to got event value i.e d21