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Dear NXPs,

I wanted to start a project using EMWIN, so I have downloaded the emwin sample project from both segger and lpcware website, First I did "No" changes and downloaded the code into my microcontroller. As I expected, there was no image on the lcd, so now I tried to change the files explained in porting guide, but in that case neither there was no access.
I use hy-lpc1788 board which is a custom board and on 40 pin lcd which its controller as I have figured out is ssd1963.(I bought one package)
I searched the segger sample code and I realized that their lcd use i2c bus to configure and operate.
but I want to use the lpc1788 own lcd controller. And my project also should have touch pad on lcd.
A step by step guide really appreciated.

Second I want to use USB,ADC and emwin together. wont they conflict?
I used RL-USB MSC files with lpc1768 and now I want to import this nice library into lpc1788.

Help me please,
Your soon answer will be appreciated