What are the minimum hardware (pin) lines required for host (USB1) [No OTG] on the 1778?

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On our custom board, what are the minimum processor pins I need to connect to get a USB host port (USB1) I don't care about over current or power enable as I intend to connect 5V permanently to the type A connector's Vbus pin.

I'm only ever going to plug in a USB flash drive for firmware update.

The UM10470 appears to imply that USB1_PWRD must be configured. Is this the case (I don't want any OTG stuff). If needed, can I tie to 5V (or 3.3V?) Or can I just enable the built in pull up?

Does the cpu USB controller detect device physical insertion? (and give me an interrupt so that on receipt I go do an Enum to find out what the device is).

Or do I have to poll now and then and do speculative Enums until one suceeds. If this case applies, do I have to configure USB_PWRD? [because I'd really not want to have to move what is currently on that particular pin.]