LPC1769 Receiving command from SIM900 GSM Module

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Hi Guys,

I am using LPC1769 UAR3 to communicate with a SIM900 GSM Module. I have successfully configured the GSM using Tera Term (hyper terminal) and I can successfully send and receive SMS while communicating between SIM900 and LPC1769. However, when I key in the command "AT+CCLK?" and Tera Term can return current time back to me. My problem is that how can I get the time information when the GSM Module communicate with LPC1769. My Initialization of UART3 is correct.

char tm[] = "AT+CCLK?\r";

UART_SendString(LPC_UART3, (uint8_t *)tm);

After I send this command to UART3, How can I get the information which is shown in the picture attached back and printf it in the console?

Thank you guys!