LPC1788 Pin description problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rodcab on Sun Oct 23 19:33:11 MST 2011
I want to change my project from LPC2478 to LPC1788, but when i take a look at the pin description to make the component i find a real problem...

i find 3 different files, the datasheet, UM10360 and UM10470, and for each i can find different description for each pin and/or dont see what mecanical pin have the P0[0] description for exemplo.

so what is the correct file that i need to read and use??

datasheet ??
UM10360 - usermanual for LPC17XX ??
UM10470 - usermanual for LPC178x/7x (this one dont show the fisical pin) ??

sorry for my poor english, any problem just ask.