3.2Inch touch LCD with LPC1768 GUI?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kamhagh on Sun Jan 18 07:13:32 MST 2015
Hi, i already got an example for LCD showing an image converted to raw pixel ! and know how it works ! (it came with my board, my board is an unpopular lpc1768 that comes with an 3.2inch LCD)

But i have no idea how to make a GUI like i do in Qt, im not expecting to use class or a qt library but to make the screen give a similar result :)

for start im planning to just have a slide and adjust LCD or an LED brightness with it and turn it off with another button ! but i have no idea how to do that! and i googled : "LPC1768 GUI" and got no result ! (also tried "LPC1768 LCD GUI")

Can you tell me where to start? the LCD's specs are:
Resolution: 240 X 320
Controller: SSD1289 (which simply googling its name only gave me 1 related result which i had trouble downloading, i also couldn't download the included datasheet on the board website)
Touch Screen: 4-wire resistive
Pin: 37PIN pitch 1mm
Backlight: 5 LED parallel