emWin 5.12 on CrossWorks form Arm

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Hardware configuration:

Own PCB with: LPC1788, 8Mb external ram, lcd 5.7" 640x480 and others not important for this problem.

used emWin library: libemWin512_CortexM3_LE_v7m_t_le_eabi; display driver: GUIDRV_Lin_16_API; color conversion: GUICC_M565

I have a problem with emWin 5.12 working on CrossWorks for Arm. I create simple project in CrossWorks where first init in main function external sdram, lcd controller, systick for gui, and GUI_Init, next set flag for WindowsManager 'WM_CF_MEMDEV'. After this create simple YT graph and in main loop just writing new data to the graph wich is triangle by triangle and here is problem. When call GUI_Exec(), graph in some part just flicker and not only graph, in some pixels, random pixels of lcd I can see some disturb. First I think that some problems with hardware, but I create the same project in LpcXpresso and there everythink work correct, the same routines for init ram, lcd peripheral and functions in GUIConf.c  and LCDConf.c. After this I edit sample project  NXP_emWinBSP_EA1788_LPCXpresso422_Keil421_Crossworks21_MSVS2010_110412' in CrossWorks , change hardware configuration for my hardawre but it was the same result, flickering and lcd disturb. There is also something strange when in project created in crossworks I dont set flag 'WM_CF_MEMDEV', graph appear but grid and moving triangles flickering for few seconds, but after that it work correct but this isnt a solution. When I dont create this flag in lpcXpresso everything look like work as desired the emWin developers, graph is flickering when its redrawn, but all graph, not some random parts. Is there some limitations for using emWin with CrossWorks? Anybody run successfully emWin on CrossWorks? Any sugestions where can be problem? Maybe  some compiler options? 

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I cant use LpcXpresso becasue it has code size limitations.