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I'm trying to visualize a movie with emWIN lib 5.24 (no source code) on a MCB4300 evaluation board with a LPC4357 microcontroller.


I've used the segger demo MOVIE_ShowFromFS code with theirs emf movie file, but after the first frame is visualized on the LCD I receive the  GUI_MOVIE_NOTIFICATION_STOP.
The problem is present with or without the multi-buffer, with other emf file, in slow motion (500ms period) or not.


If I force a PLAY command after I receive the STOP notification the library goes again into the GUI_MOVIE_NOTIFICATION_STOP.
If I also force to go to a successive frame and send again a play command I see the new frame on the LCD, but after that the library send again the STOP notification (in this modality the application crash after
few frames).


I have the same problem with the 5.22 library and the EA1788 board.


The same code used into the visual studio work well without any problem!!


I attach my code.


Thanks for any help.

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