Custom Touch Keyboard

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Noufal on Mon Dec 14 08:43:59 MST 2015
I want to create a simple custom touch based keyboard with 0- 9(with key images) for my application, I would like know what is the best way to create keypad, use icon or any other suggestion?

Also is it recommended to use bmp over png? I was trying to create layout with GUIBuilder with BMP but it crashes when i add more images, but i'm able to get it build using png, but not able to get the emwin png working, tried with emWin_V5.26 and 5.18 got some compilation issue (missing IMAGE_Private.h),after adding  IMAGE_Private.h got it from internet, got it compiled but the display is blank

My project is based on 1850(flash less part), have NOR flash and Spifi as storage