Hardfault on GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink

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Hi guys,
First of all, a quick hardware description. My board has LPC1857 + T-55149 Kyocera TFT / Renesas R61509 controller and a 8MBit (512x16) static SRAM

This test is based on http://www.lpcware.com/system/files/lpco…il_mcb_1857.zip . I have modified LCD initialization with T55149 initialization SPI commands. I have also configured my SRAM and it works well testing write/reads to/from address 0x1C000000 and so on.

Debugging on IAR it goes until GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink where the hardfault happens. Debugging it closely, the hardfault happens at:

Gui_Init -> LCD_X_Init->_EnlargeBlocks->GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink->Gui_DEVICE_Create->GUI_ALLOC_GetFixedBlock->_InitOnce->_EnlargeBlocks->__iar_unaligned_eabi_memcpy function.

Could anyone please give me a hint.

That´s the first time I work with this graphic library so please expect anything.

A small update. I figured that FRAMEBUFFER_ADDR was with wrong address. It was with 0x28000000 instead of my SRAM address 0x1C000000. Now it seems that it gets stuck a bit before on _Alloc and stays in a loop inside _RemoveHoles.

Thanks a lot!