LPC1769 watchdog problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Lukasz on Thu Jul 30 05:37:46 MST 2015

I have a problem with watchdog on LPC1769. I use Keil and uLinkME debugger.
I noticed that my device resets unexpectly. When I debug my device I never disable watchdog, but I set WDTC to maximum value (0xFFFFFFFF). I did it this time too and I got unexpected reset after 30-60seconds. Source of the reset was watchdog (checked RSIR register). Resets are the more frequent the more uC is overloaded. Mailny through the UART. I think it is impossibe that WDTV counted to 0 after tents or hundrets of seconds. How can I check where is the problem?