In case you didn't know, Gesture and Multi-Touch is not supported.

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I am having linking problems with emWin.

I am using emWin 5.24h, and have followed the documentation here:
(also included in the nxp-link to the pdf doc)

and have created a project that uses the canned demo sample found here:

When I compile and build against the emWin libraries, I get the following build errors:

./src/MTOUCH_ScratchAndGestures.o: In function `_DoMenu':
C:\git\Embedded\Projects\A43XX\A43XX_example_scratch_and_gestures\Debug/../src/MTOUCH_ScratchAndGestures.c:3496: undefined reference to `WM_GESTURE_Enable'
./src/MTOUCH_ScratchAndGestures.o: In function `_ExecScratchPad':
C:\git\Embedded\Projects\A43XX\A43XX_example_scratch_and_gestures\Debug/../src/MTOUCH_ScratchAndGestures.c:3084: undefined reference to `WM_GESTURE_Enable'
C:\git\Embedded\Projects\A43XX\A43XX_example_scratch_and_gestures\Debug/../src/MTOUCH_ScratchAndGestures.c:3085: undefined reference to `GUI_MTOUCH_Enable'
C:\git\Embedded\Projects\A43XX\A43XX_example_scratch_and_gestures\Debug/../src/MTOUCH_ScratchAndGestures.c:3093: undefined reference to `GUI_MTOUCH_GetEvent'
C:\git\Embedded\Projects\A43XX\A43XX_example_scratch_and_gestures\Debug/../src/MTOUCH_ScratchAndGestures.c:3106: undefined reference to `GUI_MTOUCH_GetTouchInput'
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [A43XX_example_scratch_and_gestures.axf] Error 1

I have tried this sample code with both C and C++ projects thinking I could have an extern-C problem going on.  But I get the same errors regardless.  I am able to run the color-bar demo against the emWin library from the same project, and everything builds and links.  Incidently, calls to:

GUI_DispStringInRect, and

work fine.  If you search the object file, you will also find these references there.  So I know my library and include pathing is set up properly. 

I disassembled the libemWin_M4.a library file (right clicked on it -> Binary Utilities -> Disassemble) and searched the resulting file for the following references:


None of them are in there.  I believe this means that the object files released in 5.24h do not actually contain any Gesture or Multi-Touch support.

Does anyone have any idea when a new release is slated that will include this functionality?

Am I missing something here?  Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.

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