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USB-Tap problem "Library not found"

Discussion created by Marc Stoelting on May 5, 2008
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i did post in this thread  that we got some problems with some of our USB-Taps.

Hello,we got the same problem "Library not found" at some USB-Taps. We use the USB-Taps for production
and this behavior suddenly occur and seems to be permanent on the respective USB-Tap, so there
are useless for us.We tried the "broken" usb-taps on different PCs without success. We can run on the same
PCs w/o changing anything, a "healthy" USB-Tap with success.In sum we got 8 USB-Taps from which 4 of them seems to got broken. One of them we just got yesterday.This is pretty disappointing so any help is appreciated.Is there any known issue about the USB-Taps we should know — I.e. ESD problems –

Any help is appreciated.


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