emWin High Resource Usage

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by neilt6 on Wed Jul 03 17:23:00 MST 2013
I'm trying to get emWin v5.18 up and running on an LPC11U35/401 with a monochrome 128x64 OLED display (Solomon SSD1306 over i2c), and I'm running into issues with resource consumption. I'm using the SPage 1510 driver with caching enabled, so I know I need 1024 bytes of RAM for that, but if I allocate less than 3250 bytes, it hard faults when I try to run the emWin Hello World snippet! I've disabled literally everything in the configuration header, and it still wants 3250+ bytes of RAM just to print some text. It's also taking about 30KB of flash just for emWin, Hello World, and the LPCOpen 11U14 board library. Am I missing something here? The user manual made it out to be very lightweight when driving monochrome displays without a window manager...