emWin 5.12 EA1788

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I need some help.

Just started a new project on my setup (Future uEZGUI-1788) porting the "NXP_emWin512_IAR1788_320240_270911" application.
When using window manager, displaying widgets on a background, the background area besides widgets contains some shadows of current the displayed objects.
I don't know were these are coming form. Maybe somebody experienced the same issue.

Any help is really appreciated.

int main()  {
    WM_HWIN hDlg;
    hDlg = CreateTestScreen(); // not shown here, created by GUIBuilder

    /// < loop forever
    while (1)   {

LcdConf.c for SHARP_LQ043T1DG01:

#define PPL                480      // Pixels per line
#define HSW                2        // HSYNC pulse width
#define HFP                10       // Horizontal front porch
#define HBP                16       // Horizontal back porch
#define LPP                272      // Lines per panel
#define VSW                2        // VSYNC pulse width
#define VFP                2        // Vertical front porch
#define VBP                3        // Vertical back porch
#define IVS                1        // Invert VSYNC
#define IHS                1        // Invert HSYNC
#define IPC                1        // Invert panel clock
#define CPL                PPL      // Clock per line (identical to pixels per line)
#define BGR                0        // Swap red and blue
#define LCDTFT             1        // LCD TFT panel
#define BCD                1        // Bypass pixel clock divider
#define OPT_CLK            9000000  // Optimal clock rate