Porting emWin 5.22  with Customised LPC1788 board

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Hi Friends,
After a week long struggle with emWin5.22(earlier thread discussion: ), I thought of starting this new thread. I am trying to create a template with emWin and Keil. I thought of starting from scratch, this will help me to create my project template and for others should be a tutorial sort of thing.

First I have created a project using keil, selected LPC1788 as controller and even added the startup files.

Compiled adding main.c and successfully compiled. Now I need to add the emWin to this existing project, by the way I am using my own designed board with 3.5TFT. My board is already tested all the peripherals working fine.

As suggested by Wouter (check the link: http://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/emwin-522) I have downloaded latest emWin5.22 from here.  After downloading and extracting files I have three folders emWin522_Config, emWin522_header, emWin522_library, so added these folder as it is in my project directory and included the path.

I have changed LCDConf.c to suite my requirement and added the required files in Inc folder; this is the only change I made in emWin folder files.

Please check my file project tree which is attached as an image with thread. I assume that up to now everything is going well, but when I compiled getting following errors. I am little confuse about .lib files, though I have included it in my project.
This could be a silly error which I am not finding, please guide me!! Thanks.
The errors what I am facing are as follows:

emwin_latest.axf: Error: L6406E: No space in execution regions with .ANY selector matching guiconf.o(.bss).
emwin_latest.axf: Error: L6407E: Sections of aggregate size 0x200000 bytes could not fit into .ANY selector(s).
Target not created