emWin Graphics Library  different Drivers

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Ciao to everybody,
I need a suggestion/confirmation by an expert.

My "use-space" is:
- LPCXpresso, with LPC43xx (using both core).
- For a strange issues that is difficult to explain, we have decided to use a smart LCD (instaed of the internal TFT controller) with its own controller on it: Solomon SSD2119, so would like to continue to use the emWin graphical Libraries, driving the LCD by the SPI (or the parallel interface ) ....

From what I have seen on emWin manual (v.5.22), is in the GUIDRV_FlexColor (have a look on the print screen attached) seams to be a Compile time Driver (so a  configurable part).
What is not so clear to me is: if is it really so, and the way to choose wich one of the SPI should be used for it...

Please let me know, or even better try to make an example on which file

I am sure that several other users can use it

Really thanks a lot
Have a great week