emwin sim w/ visual studio

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by jupiter on Tue Sep 16 06:58:13 MST 2014

I have some issue porting my app from my custom board to the visual studio/win32 world. The application is an advanced one relying on various libs, emwin being one of them. Most of the code is written in c++. The app is 945ko and is executed on a NXP1788 based board. The app is working as expected on the hardware. Porting to the win32 world to create a simulator of the device is something not so trivial after all in my case. I've downloaded the vs demo app from the main segger website for help to no avail. So most of the app seems ok on the sim, conform to the real one but here are the remaining issues :
- I've struggled to find the right c/c++ run time library to complete the compilation
- I've was not able to link a part of the GUIsim.lib that deal with hardkeys
- No hardkeys so switched to win32 event and send WM_BroadcastMessage(&WMmsg); from there
but I receive dozens of the same message in the main emwin window loop, I've added some code to filter out those unexpected events
- When many edit box are shown at the same time, sending a keyboard input to the focused one will also feed the others
- making the cursor going left or right in the focused control will blank its content (edit and MultiEdit).
- some windows error dialog box pop up with the message  GUI_Alloc.c / Block is already Unlocked GUI_ALLOC_UnlockH()

App is linked with GUIsim.lib and emWin_x86.lib.
got "WINMM.LIB;msvcrtd.lib;msvcprtd.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies)"
and compiled with /MDd

So any clue is welcome, thx.