emWin on LPC4357 with Gnu and floating point

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I would like to use the emWin library together with the LPC4357 using the GNU 4.6.2 toolchain. Therefore I added the precompiled library "libemWin_518_LPCXpresso501_M4_LE_Redlib.a" to the linker arguments. However, the linker now provides the following output:

ld.exe: error: output.elf uses VFP register arguments, C:\Lpc4357_MCB4300\libemWin_518_LPCXpresso501_M4_LE_Redlib.a(GUI_Alloc.o) does not 

Probably the library has been compiled with the software floating point option "-mfloat-abi=soft". However, I need to use hardware floating point for my own code ("-mfloat-abi=hard").


How can I get the emWin library running with hardware floating point?


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