libpng included in emWIn

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It looks like the emWin library is built with the libpng library. It exports the symols and it's reasonable to use libpng to display PNG images.

The function png_get_header_ver() returns "1.2.15". But there are no libpng headers in the directory tree built by the NXP installer. When I get the official libpng version 1.2.15 I get all the png.h stuff an the like. But the structures does not match. The size of the jumpbuf in the png_structp seems to be different to the definition in setjmp.h for the LPC1788.h

<li>What configuration (pnglibconf.h) has been used for buildung the NXP  version of the emWin library?</li>
<li>Where are the header files for the use of the libpng functions available?</li>