Image converter convert a PNG(size 6.5kb) image to a bigger size(225kb) array? How to avoid it?

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Hi Friends,
I have an customized board with LPC1857 (with 3.5" TFT). I have manage to display images on LCD.
I have this one image attached with this post, which is around 6.5kb, size 320x240 pixel and .png format. To display this image on LCD i have used Segger emWin Bitmap converter and converted it to 24bpp C file, the resulting array is of 225kb.

For a 6.5kb png image converter gives 225kb array? which i really don't understand. But if this is correct then how can some body have 50 to 50 background images in project.
There must be some way to reduce the image size or may be display it differently...guys i am new to this ...can you please guide me .....to tutorial or some other image converter or procedure.

Thanks a lot.