Emwin 5.16 customized to my board, now i need to update this version to emwin5.22? Any help ...??

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Hi Friends,
                 I have this board which we made few years back, we even manage to get Emwin 5.16 working on that with3.5 and 4.3 inch TFT. After years gap now i need to develop an project using Emwin. I have noticed that Emwin version  is changed with tons of new features.

                I have selected LPC1788 Embedded artist board BSP (Latest version 5.22) and uploaded to my board, board display is blank. I really don't want to go again to tune everything...i thought there might be a way to update Emwin itself, because all the drivers on my board are working properly with Emwin.

            Somebody might have already tried this earlier, i think there must be lots of people needed this latest version to be update? may be NXP is having any supporting document for update.

Guy's your help appreciated, please help me.

Thank you.