Problems getting the project to initialize

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I have a version running on the EA LPC1788 platform, with Free Rtos.  I cannot get past the function call   GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemory(_aMemory, GUI_NUMBYTES), without it going into a while loop in GUI_Error called from _InitOnce (according to the Assembly Routine).  I have absolutely no insight as to what is broken.  The .GUI and .VRAM address spaces are all compiled and allocated correctly, and I successfully tested the SDRAM by writing and reading from the SDRAM location.  The code itself is called before the scheduler in FreeRtos as well, so as to eliminate that as a problem.  The LCDConf, GUIConf and most of the other files were merged into the main load from a working platform.  I have even verified that these are mostly identical to the originals.  Any help would be appreciated.