Trying SWIM with LPC1857 NGX board, not getting accurate size window created?

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Hi Friends,
I am trying to add SWIM to my LPC1857 project. I am using NGX LPC1857 board with their base board included 4.3” TFT with touch. Without SWIM i have manage to create a GUI which works perfectly on TFT. I can draw buttons; create line drawings such as line, circle, square etc. and also able to display JPEG and PNG images converting to C arrays.
After adding SWIM folder to my project, manage to compile it with Keil. But the problem is when I try to create a window with max display width and max display height with one pix border. As expected result should be a border around the TFT.  But the result is unexpected, please check the image attached.
I have tried and debug the project more than fifty times and found every parameter passed is correct, please check the attached debug call stack and locals screen shot.
Guys I feel that this should be relatively easy task ……but I think I am gone horribly wrong somewhere, but where not getting.
Please guide me….thanks.