Problems migrating from 5.24 to 5.30

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I cross-post here too (my original post on Segger's forums).

I'm using pre-compiled emWin libraries from NXP. In my project, I was using emWin version 5.24 and now I'd like to upgrade to the latest version distributed from NXP that is 5.30c.

I have some problems with new version. The project is compiled in LPCXpresso and runs in LPC1778 MCU. The touchscreen display is based on ILI9341 controller connected to the MCU through a 16-bits parallel bus.

It seems the new version redraws some parts of the screen, even if it isn't necessary. This produces a bad flicker effect.

For example, I have a screen with 5 horizontal buttons. When I touch a button, it changes its background color, so the touched button is redrawn... and this is ok. However all the other buttons are redrawn at the same time, even if they appearence don't change.

Why this bad behaviour? If you want, I can create a test application that shows this.