emWIN Drivers: LPC4088 + EA-004-LCD Display Module

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Dear NXP Staff:

Do drivers which conform to SEGGER emWIN requirements and work with
the hardware described below exist ? (i.e. The main graphics components are
also described below.) If so, please identify those drivers and inform
me of how they can be obtained. Otherwise, if you are aware of drivers
which can easily be adapted or ported to do so, please identify them
and inform me of how they can be obtained. Also, any documentation on
the relevant hardware/firmware/software architecture would be

Note that the target environment is the Embedded Artist's LPC4088-32
developers kit integrated with the Embedded Artist's EA-004-LCD display
and expansion board, FreeRTOS, and the Rowley Crossworks for ARM toolchain is
used for software/firmware development.

The GUIDRV_Lin driver is the correct one for the Display Controller
described in chapter 11 of the NXP 408x/407x User's Manual (UM10562).
(i.e. Please see the following link.)


The following link references the Embedded Artist's LCD Board - User's Guide
for the EA-004-LCD which provides most of the relevant technical information.


The following link references a description of the SEGGER emWIN driver
interface specification and describes the relevant drivers.


This is an inventory of the relevant graphics components.

1) Display: 4.3" (480x272 Pixel QVGA) TFT LCD Display

Model: HSD043I9W1-A00-0299 from HannStar
Interface: Parallel RGB 16 Bit  TBD: Verify 16 bit configuration.

2) I2C I/O Expander - 16 Bit LED Dimmer

  Model: NXP PCA9532
  Interface: I2C Bus
  Hardware: LPC4088 GPIO Pins

3) Touch Screen Controller - Resistive 4 Wire SPI oriented.

  Model: TI TSC2046
  Interface: SPI Bus

4) EEPROM - On-Board LPC4088 Board I2C Oriented

  Interface: I2C Bus

Best Regards,

Paul R.