RIT timer possible overrun

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by efiLabs on Sun Dec 14 22:29:48 MST 2014
friends :

i noticed the following code in LpcOpen rtitimer_15xx.c

/* Returns the current timer Counter value */
uint64_t Chip_RIT_GetCounter(LPC_RITIMER_T *pRITimer)
uint64_t val;

val = (uint64_t) pRITimer->COUNTER_H;
val = val << 32;
val |= (uint64_t) pRITimer->COUNTER;

return val;

how about if the timer rolls over into the high part between the 2 reads ???

i didn't find anything in the user manual stating if the high part is being read 1st the low reading following it contains a saved copy of the low part from the time of the high part read

my solution was

  ulong h0 = LPC_RITIMER->COUNTER_H ;
  ulong lo = LPC_RITIMER->COUNTER ;
  ulong h1 = LPC_RITIMER->COUNTER_H ;

and if h0 != h1 reread the low part

any other suggestions please ???

cheers efiLabs