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Content originally posted in LPCWare by celephicus on Sun Nov 16 16:01:31 MST 2014
There is an error in the docs. In UM10736 (LPC15xx User Manual) Rev 1.1 on p234 the description for the REGMODEx registers is WRONG:

"The REGMODEn bits in the REGMODE register determine whether each set of
Match/Capture registers uses the match or capture functionality:
– REGMODEn = 1: Registers operate as match and reload registers.
– REGMODEn = 0: Registers operate as capture and capture control registers.

But on P246 it gets it right:
"Each bit controls one pair of match/capture registers (register 0 =
bit 0, register 1 = bit 1,..., register 15 = bit 15).
0 = registers operate as match registers.
1 = registers operate as capture registers.

So far we have got match working but we have not been able to get input capture going.