Stuck in the boot rom

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by IanB on Thu Nov 26 08:37:58 MST 2015
I'm just doing my second LPC1517 project - the first one went without any problems.

When I click "debug", everything seems to be as normal, and the usual text appear in Console, but it never gets to the breakpoint at the start of "main".

Even if I put a breakpoint at the reset handler, it never gets there either. The last thing appearing in the console is "Thread #1 running: User request"

if I stop the processor, it always stops of 0x03000372, which is somewhere in the boot rom.

I tried two processors, so it's either the code or the way the processor is connected. (The original project still works, so nothing has happened to the probe in the mean time)

Have I managed to connect it up in a weird way so that it powers up in a different mode? Where should I be looking?

Any clues?