Application does not start without programmer (only with programmer)

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I think I need a little bit help for my first project with the LPC1517.
I'm new with LPCXpresso and the LPC1517.
I use the LPC1517 for a hardware design and I wrote a simple application only to switch a LED depending on a pressed button. It's just for testing if programming is in general working. If I flash the software into the LPC1517 the application is running fine. So I think writing the application to flash is ok.

But if I switch of power and repower the design again, the application seems not so start.

What I did in my design:
- I pulled up the ISP0 and ISP1 pins -> the bootloader should not start
- I pulled up the RESET-Pins -> Reset should be high after power on

What can the reason be why the application does not start after power on?
Is this more likely a hardware or software problem?
Maybe I forgot some compiler settings?

I also attached the schematic of LPC1517 in my design.

Thank you