Slow ADC conversion on Xpresso board

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I have some issues with ADC conversation. I have used example code from lpcopen_2_08c_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpcxpresso_1549.zip on ADC src.
I have added USB VCom code to my project to use as debug port.

Have used SysTick to sent out debug every 1s. I use uint32_t counter to count how many ADC measurements on 1 channel (ADC0.1) is made in burst mode on SEQ_A
The number is ONLY 19229 times! I can't get anything close to 2MSamples. Also I used osciloscope to measure time between 2 ADC interrupts and time was around 50us which is around the same as numbers of ADCs in 1 sec.

The same problem I have on ACMP where I wished to measure response time on input pulse. From time I pressed external button to LED change using ACMP interrupt it took around 80-100us !! Is this normal? I need response time on less then 10us. Non filters were used on ACMP (bypass mode).

So at the end my research is showing that my xpresso board is "slow"? I have debug out all clocks and are 72MHz and devider is 1 for perihibal.

What am I doing wrong. I can attach code but at the end is example code from you guys.

Before I have used LPC1347 and ADC measure time was around 20us (now 50+)

I have tried Release and Debug compile...both made the same result. Is LPC1549 slow when some debug chip is connected to it?

Please help me I am out of ideas after 3 days of coding.