Unable to 'download and debug' for OM13067 demo board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by afiqahlaa on Mon Aug 03 20:09:11 MST 2015

I had bought a motor control demo board for PMSM motor (OM13067) which work together with LPC1549 board.

I am facing a problem to 'download and debug' the code given by the developer. So basically I just follow step by step given in the manual. Connected the boards and motor, open the code using IAR IDE. But when come to the step where I need to 'download and debug' I was unable to do that.

The question is do I need any debugger probe to download and debug the provided code? Since for the demo board package only provided:

- LPCXpresso Motor Control Board, rev. B
- LPCXpresso LPC1549 Board
- Permanent Magne motor.

Thank you in advance!