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Could someone please tell me the correct assembler directive for allocating RAM into sections? I'm using the automatically generated linker file. _debug.ld

The linker file appears to call the sections .bss, .bss_RAM2 and .bss_RAM3

but if I use the assembler directives:

.section .bss
(memory definitions)
.section .bss_RAM2
(more memory definitions)


The assembler appears to want to put them all in RAM0_4 and then tells me there isn't enough room.

It wants to put the stack at the top of RAM0_4 (understandable, as thats the section that can't be switched off) so I need to leave plenty of room in RAM0_4 and then start on RAM1_4, which I would have expected the directive .section .bss_RAM2 to do.

If I call the section .section .RAM2 the it doesn't know where the address is.

I'm using .bss not .data because all the memory needs to be zeroed and not pre-loaded with any values.