Migration from LPC FullCAN to LPC15xx

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LPC15xx have another CAN architecture compared to LPC17xx and LPC2xxx.
On NXP pages I did not find a document à la migration path to CAN using ROM-API or anything like that.

Currently I'm doing a migration job. Regarding tx, the procedure is quite straightforward. Old calls to FullCAN_PushMessage are replaced by calls to the messageTX-function in the ROM-API using a single macro:

#define FullCAN_PushMessage(a,b) LPC_CAND_API->hwCAN_ConfigRxmsgobj(pCanHandle, (CAN_MSG_OBJ *)b)

This works quite well (of course, the CAN-ID struct element does not contain the message length, which requires some more individual changes.

It is more demanding to migrate the RX code with message filters and semaphore bits into the new handling API. Perhaps you could give some hints about that. Or.... does a "migration to"-document exist?