C_CAN ROM API Documentation

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by martinho on Mon Aug 24 11:21:08 MST 2015
I'm evaluation if i can use the Can rom Api or have to write my own Can-Bus driver. Unfortunatly the doccumentation for the ROM API is not very helpful. My questions are:

To send a Can message I have to use:

void hwCAN_MsgTransmit(CAN_HANDLE_T hCan, CAN_MSG_OBJ * msg_obj);

where msg_obj is a struct of:

typedef struct _CAN_MSG_OBJ {
          uint32_t mode_id;
          uint32_t mask;
          uint8_t  data[8];
          uint8_t  dlc;
          uint8_t msgobj;

So fare so good but:
- I have not found any information about the range of msgobj, is this the Messagenumer from IF1_CMDREQ (0x01 to 0x20)? I yes why is the example using 0x00?
- How can I tell the Function that I want to send a 28 Bit or a 11 bit ID?

In general is there any other documentation about the ROM API (apart from the UM10736)?