Quick start with LPCXpresso1549 Board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by SPrakash on Tue Jul 01 03:07:38 MST 2014
Hi Guys

I purchased an  LPCXpresso1549 Board and am trying to build and debug some sample application on this but am confused where to start. Can anyone help me in this.

On the Board i have two MCU's :- 1. LPC1549JBD64  & 2. LPC4322JET100
Here from above two MCU i am not sure how to program which MCU and what are the necessary arrangement. I followed many online documentation which is bit confusing. Can anybody come forward and show some light. 

Below mentioned steps i followed  so far:

1 . Installed LPCXpresso IDE(v7.2.0_153) and i find there is no sample available for LPC1549 this is the 1st hurdle.

2 .Then after a quite search i found and install CrossStudio ARM3.1. This is also quite confusing. And stopped using it.

3 .Then after quite search i find LPCOpen but here i didnt find a clear documentation specific to LPC1549.

Now am really confused where to start.

Anyone who is using this board plz give your input here.