Systick missing ticks when printf() is used

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by riscy00 on Sat Nov 28 22:25:06 MST 2015
I have systick running, generating interrupts every 1mSec and it working fine.

I was reading sensor on I2C and use systick counter as timestamp. I expected to be every 2000mSec for each interrupt generated by sensor data RDY signal.

I found that when I use printf() to send resultant data, the timestamp (systick) was reading 1800mSec instead of 2000mSec. I checked the timing of the RDY signal on scope and confirmed 2000mSec exactly.

When I disable all message on printf() except the timestamp which is much shorter message, the systick improved close to 2000mSec.

Something between printf() and systick cause to miss 1mSec interrupts. I use retarget.h to direct printf()'s putchar to UART2 (see below) 

void UART2_PutChar(char ch)
// try unblocking so systick keep going.
//Chip_UART_Send(DEBUG_UART, &ch, 1);
// below will cause systick to suspend until printf task is completed.
Chip_UART_SendBlocking(DEBUG_UART, &ch, 1);

I have changed the below to highest priority ie '0' and it does not fix this problem

#define __NVIC_PRIO_BITS          3
NVIC_SetPriority (SysTick_IRQn, (1<<__NVIC_PRIO_BITS) - 1);

I have tried unblocking but does not work....I'm missing something there.

Is there way to reduce change priority on printf() or stop interfering the systick interrupt.

Maybe I should use RTC instead of Systick, but I'm curious why printf() stop systick working and what the work around before I get to RTC timer, will it fix issue even using printf()?